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Adjective Animal was founded in late 2019 in Tampere, Finland by game designer Pyry Takkunen and his university classmate Antti J. Heikkinen. By making console and PC games that stick, Adjective Animal aims to bring the AA back into gaming. The company focuses on making living room couches a better place to be with local multiplayer experiences that are fun to start playing and even more fun to get good at. The company’s first announced project, Puck Buddies, is an embodiment of this philosophy: a bouncy party sports game that simplifies the best aspects of hockey and minigolf into an easily approachable teamplay experience!

Coming from varying indie game development backgrounds, the Adjective Animal team has over a decade of combined game industry experience. We believe in a multiplatform future where local and remote gaming experiences bring people together regardless of location or device used.

Press Contact

Pyry Takkunen

+358 40 220 7068

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Puck Buddies

Name: Puck Buddies

Release Date: Fall 2020

Platforms: PC (Steam), consoles

Price: TBA

Players: 1 – 8 Local Multiplayer, 1 – 4 Steam Remote Play Together Online Multiplayer


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Ready to conquer that couch? Puck Buddies is a hockey-themed local multiplayer game that combines the best elements of hockey, minigolf and analog sticks into ricocheting party action. Outwit (or bodycheck) your opponents, pass the puck around with your teammate(s) and make beautiful trick shots off the walls in differently shaped arenas designed to serve your innate trigonometric desires! …Or just bump into everything, if that’s your jam.

Puck Buddies is controlled using only the primary analog stick and the face buttons of a gamepad, allowing for approachable, instantly fun gameplay that raises volume levels in otherwise peaceful neighborhoods to new heights. Beneath the game’s hospitable surface lies a sky-high skill ceiling that will enable you to ruin family get-togethers for years to come! Puck Buddies also includes AI functionalities for solo & odd-numbered gameplay sessions.

Key Features

  • 🐸 Choose your favorite from 16 ridiculous characters to bump around the rink
  • 🥏 Pass and shoot pucks off the walls minigolf-style in uniquely shaped levels!
  • 🏒 Move around, aim your shots and deke out your opponents using only one thumb!
  • 🎮 Dust off those gamepads & challenge the whole living room in 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4 fun!
  • 🚀 Impress people with your bounce calculation, puck protection and teamwork abilities
  • 🤖 Hone your skills solo or fill in for temporarily absent humans with the slick AI system
  • 📡 Play the game online with your friends using the Remote Play Together functionality!

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